Best Online Tools for Independent Artists

  1. Sounds & Plugins: Splice
    • Platform for music creation, collaboration, and sample library.
    • Free and subscription options available.
    • Community for collaboration and feedback.
  2. Sampling: Tracklib
    • Pre-cleared songs for legal and inspired sampling.
    • 15 free tracks for amuse users.
    • Digitalized “crate-digging” for easy discovery.
  3. Mastering: Masterchannel
    • Exclusive offer for amuse artists.
    • Lossless, Hi-Res, and Ultimate mastering options.
    • Unique algorithm for impressive results.
    • Subscription format available.
  4. Create Artworks: Canva
    • Graphic design tool for album covers and promotional assets.
    • Free and subscription options.
  5. Distribution: BYSST Music
    • Free and subscription-based music distribution.
    • Quick and easy upload process.
    • Full control over rights and royalties.
    • Streaming analytics on the desktop app.
  6. Submit to Blogs: Submithub
    • Online community for music submission to blogs, YouTube channels, and more.
    • Free to use.
  7. Submit to Playlists: IndieMono
    • Submit music to curated playlists on Spotify.
    • Genre-specific submissions.
    • Free to use.
  8. Create Videos: Rotor Videos
    • 10% off for amuse users.
    • Drag-and-drop video editing tool.
    • Stock library for additional footage.
    • Create music videos, visualizers, and more.

Note: Prices and offers may vary, check respective platforms for the latest details.